Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023
Mother’s Day is almost here, and we wanted to share products that we at Bayou Glass Arts love. You will find some of our favorite things from handmade artisans to cool manufactured products… and our jewelry of course *wink*. And, to make your gift guide experience a pleasant one, we introduce to you an ad free blog. 
That's right...NO POP-UPS! 
We hope you enjoy.

Sentimental Gift

 Hidden Message Jewelry from Bayou Glass Arts

A daily reminder for Mom that you love her. She simply holds her "See See" Jewelry up to a bright light and your message is revealed, "Love You Mom". Available in necklace or keyring. Click the link above to build your special keepsake pendant.


Handcrafted Gifts

 Hurricane Pottery 

Bayou Glass Arts: Fellow Louisiana artist, Sharon Hudson, creates some
wonderfully unique pottery. One her most recent are these sweet wildflower
bud vases. A gift idea for mom or grandmother who has little ones picking
flowers for her. I have numerous things from Hurricane Pottery, from garden
stakes to spoon rests and soon to receive my bud vases.

Check out her link for hand thrown, handmade ceramic pottery for kitchen,
bath, home and garden.


Tall Magnetic Knife Block 

Bayou Glass Arts I purchased a walnut knife block from Fuzzy a few years ago and simply LOVE it! Quick access, no more drawers for my favorite blades!

Fuzzy says, “I retired and my wife said, “Go out in the shop and do
something.” So I did. That is how FuzzyTheWoodButcher began.”
Product info: Fuzzy offers various types of wood.
Each block holds your kitchen knife collection with magnets.
Perfect for saving counter space while storing up to 8 knives. Click the link above to shop at Fuzzy's Shop.


 Handmade Magnifying Glass Pendant

This looking glass pendant has many uses other than being a great statement necklace. Can be used for reading the menu when out to dinner, a program at the theater or getting up close and personal with nature when out on a stroll it is useful, attractive and a great conversation piece. Great gift for Mom or Grandmother. Click the link above to see this and many other options of magnifying jewelry.


Berkshire Collections Purses and Totes 

Bayou Glass Arts: I have several cross-body totes from Ms Nancy, each one
wonderfully made. Fabulous lining and loads of pockets. She also makes the
coolest keepsakes from wedding dresses & veils. Must check her work out!

Nancy Swantek is the owner/maker and offers handmade, one of a kind tote
bags, purses, handbags, clutch bags, makeup bags, monogrammed pillows,
and face masks. A shop with something for every woman.

Fabulous Services


 Photography Session

Bayou Glass Arts: I have been fortunate enough to work with Brittanyy Strictland on several shoots over the years. She’s an artist who is as
impressive to watch while she is capturing images as she is with the finished
product. She is based in Shreveport but travels all over the country to capture
your special moments. One of those rare photographers who “sees” beyond
the lens.

Britt says, “Our goal is to capture the essence of you in every photograph and
video. Your story is unique and deserves to be told in a way that reflects
you!” To learn more about the artist and her work, check out her video on the
link above.

Norwex Counter Cloths

Bayou Glass Arts: If you haven’t tried Norwex products yet, you have just GOT to try them. I have been using this product in my home for the last 2 years and I love it. I no longer buy spray cleaners or paper towels and their body cloths are awesome! 

Norwex is a healthier, safer and sustainable way to clean. This special cleaning system requires little or no chemicals and contain Baclock. Baclock is an antibacterial microfiber. This microfiber cloth is proven to remove 99% of bacteria with just water! Jenna Kamena is our fun and fab Norwex representative.


Lots of Layers Gel Printing Course 

Bayou Glass Arts: Ms.Diana is a wonderful artist whose use of color and
delicate touch has created fabulous work. From illustrating books to fine art,
she is also a teacher at heart. What a great gift idea for the mom who wants to
In this online gel printing course, you will work at your own pace with
lifetime access to all content and videos. Diana will take you through five
different printing sessions with different color schemes using her unique
registration system. And, yes, you will gain the confidence to work with
random colors! 

For DIY'ers

Nature's Pressed Dry Pressed Flowers 

Bayou Glass Arts: These ladies know their stuff! They have been pressing
and marketing dry pressed flowers for years. Great gift idea for the moms
that craft and are into DIY. Bayou Glass Arts has purchased from Natures
Pressed for years and still do.

Small business out of Utah preserving and selling all types of pressed flowers
and foliage to use is all sorts of products from glass jewelry (like ours), to
book marks, scrapbooking and resin.  Check out their link above.



 Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Bayou Glass Arts: This fab seed company is based out of Mansfield,Missouri. A small town I had the pleasure of growing up in. A small business that began as a hobby in 1998 has become the largest heirloom seed company in the US. My garden today is filled with seeds from Baker’s Creek.
Baker Creek's mission is to provide seeds of a sustainable food supply for
everyone, keeping heirloom varieties alive for future generations. Their
passion is saving, growing and sharing rare seeds! Check out their link above.

 Cool Amazon Stuff

Countertop French Ceramic Butter Dish  

Bayou Glass Arts: I always prefer butter to margarine but am not great about
setting it out to soften beforehand. This throwback to how folks preserved
butter generations ago is the ticket. This is just so cool!
It looks so tasteful on your counter or tabletop. Comes in a large assortment
of colors. Keep your butter fresh and soft for spreading with no refrigeration.



Oven Rack Edge Protector

Bayou Glass Arts: A friend introduced me to these and I love them. You cut
to fit, they slide on easy but stay put. No more burns putting things in or out
of your oven.

Heat resistant silicone oven rack covers will protect the baker against burns
and scars. Inexpensive and easy to attach to your oven racks.

EZ Off Jar Opener

Bayou Glass Arts: One of my favorite finds this last year. Great gift idea for
mom. This jar opener is the best I have ever used and highly recommend. It
truly removes tight lids effortlessly. Low price for such a helpful kitchen tool.
A quick and easy solution to an age-old problem! The EZ Off jar gripper only
requires one hand to twist off the tightest lid, whether it is factory locked,
vacuum sealed, child proof, or just stuck.

Gift her flowers that will last  

Bayou Glass Arts: Most of you who are familiar with BGA know that our
dry pressed flower jewelry has been our staple product over the years, and
still is.  From forget me nots to heather, daisies to four leaf clover. Gift mom
a bouquet of flowers that never fade.
Check out the links attached below or visit our website at 

 Handmade Pink Heather Heart Pendant

This pendant is made with real dried heather flowers, dry pressed naturally and encased in glass heart cabochons. No dyes, no chemicals.

Mother Daughter Forget Me Not Jewelry Set

Mother daughter gift idea. Lovely, dry pressed blue forget me nots layered in a glass pendant. Lovely gift idea to remind one to never forget. Special gift for Mother's Day or any special occasion especially just because. These heart pendants are available to purchase individually also.

 Handmade Queen Anne's Lace Necklace 

The lovely delicate pattern of Queen Anne's Lace pressed flower jewelry is a  favorite of many making the PERFECT gift idea for her. This feminine look would be an excellent choice for Mom. My terrarium jewelry makes great gifts for the nature lover, lover of flora or the gardener.  


We hope our gift guide has given you some ideas
and we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

~Bayou Glass Arts

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